In their new video, I.I.I. portrays a world without insurance, putting into perspective how critical the industry and its workers are to the global economy and quality of life. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, File)

One of the biggest, yet possibly least well-known stories about insurance is how the industry powers the modern global economy at all levels, from protecting households and small businesses against financial setbacks to making possible huge public infrastructure projects.

The impact insurance has on economic growth and stability is so vast that it almost eludes comprehension — or in other words, it’s a thing that hides in plain sight. One way to showcase the beneficial impact of insurance is to ask audiences everywhere to imagine A World Without Insurance.

This video offers a glimpse at how different life would be without insurance and the nearly 3 million employees and partners who are there to foster resilience, help families and communities rebuild from disasters, provide needed capital to grow and stabilize financial markets, and make the world a more prosperous, more innovative, and even more exciting place.

Created to complement the recent I.I.I. Research white paper, “How Insurance Drives Economic Growth,” this video is the latest part of an ongoing campaign to build understanding and awareness about the insurance industry and the work that it does.

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