Accurence, a cloud software solution provider for property claims adjusters and inventor of the scoping automation and onsite inspection software category for property insurance, announces its iPad and iPhone support for SettleAssist and ScopeAssist.

 Accurence products deliver a systematic approach for field personnel analyzing damages or remodeling to the exterior of a home. Observation-level data collection and third-party data integrations are communicated to a client-configured cloud-based rules engine to automate process compliance, ensure best practices, and save time.   With the adoption of Accurence solutions, insurance executives have identified significant accuracy improvements, speed of training processes for new hires, and improved customer experience scores.

With the Accurence mobile app, new specific key benefits are quickly realized:

  • All inspection data is captured easily and quickly in the palm of one hand while walking around the house and on the roof.
  • Photos taken with the on-device camera are intelligently integrated into the inspection workflow and are automatically captioned based on company guidelines.
  • Company and system required inspection data is displayed while performing the inspection, thereby improving the accuracy of the inspection.
  • Inspection forms are configurable based on company guidelines and estimating system.
  • The roof CAD is displayed in the app while performing the roof inspection enabling materials and damages to be applied to specific roof facets for more accurate scoping.
  • Separate inspections available for additional structures on a property.
  • With a couple of clicks in the app, all inspection data and photos are uploaded for scope processing, transferred to the estimating system, and transferred to the claim file.

 “Our products are developed to drive unprecedented accuracy, consistency, efficiency, and intelligence into the property claims settlement process,” says Romney Williams, president of Accurence.  “Our mobile platform drives an even stronger impact to our clients; field user piloting of the SettleAssist iPhone application resulted in speed of processing improvements of 25 percent.  These time savings can be re-invested by our clients in more inspections or more time with the customer.”

Accurence has deployed the mobile platform support with a few of their key clients today and expects to have several thousand additional users by year end. 

The Accurence app is now available from the App StoreM. The app is free and requires a registered account with either SettleAssist or ScopeAssist for usage. The app runs on iPhone or iPad devices running iOS 5 or newer.