Robin Mallory, of Lancaster, Ohio, pled guilty to a fifth degree felony following her arrest for workers’ comp. fraud.

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) initiated an investigation in 2007 after receiving a tip from an internal source that Mallory was exaggerating the extent of her disability to her physician. The BWC’s Special Investigation Department (SID) didn’t have to do much investigating before they figured out that Mallory was committing fraud, seeing as she was collecting wages from six different employers at the same time that she was receiving temporary total disability benefits.

Mallory was staying pretty busy collecting all of those benefits and checks, but she’ll still have plenty to do now that she’s been caught. As of her sentence date, January 26, 2010, instead of working to conceal her employment, she’ll be working to repay the BWC the $15,353.48 that she owes them, along with $2,000 in investigative costs. Mallory will also spend six months in incarceration, will be suspended for a 30 month term of community control, and will complete 25 hours of community service for committing workers’ comp. fraud.