The film making world is becoming riskier, according to the 2005 Risks in Global Film making map published by Aon/Albert G. Ruben, an insurance broker for the entertainment industry. “Ten years ago, there was nowhere in the world a film maker wouldn’t go, but this is no longer the case,” said Chris Palmer, director of risk control for Aon. “Film makers are becoming more aware of the risks they encounter abroad and, in particular, the risks that affect actors, crew, and millions of dollars worth of equipment on loan for production.”

The latest edition of the map identifies 70 countries as high risk, compared to 55 a year ago. The map measures crime, organized crime and corruption, kidnap and ransom, disease, medical care, terrorism, political violence, and civil war. Although terrorism is perceived as the foremost risk in today’s global environment, the map’s compilers found that the risks of disease, poor medical care, and crime are more prevalent for film makers.