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Resources From NAS Insurance Services

  • Cybercrime: 2017 Claims Analysis

    Do your clients understand the threat cybercrime poses to businesses, or do they think it’s just hype? Get the facts with this in-depth analysis. READ MORE ›

  • Overcome Complex Regulations with Unique Coverage for Healthcare Providers

    Help your clients address regulatory challenges, including billing error investigations involving Medicare and Medicaid, before they become a larger issue. READ MORE ›

  • Fact Sheet: E&O for Architects & Engineers

    It can be tricky to get the right insurance coverage for A&E clients, so you need policy options with flexibility and a wide range of features. Learn more about how to cover all their bases! READ MORE ›

  • 3 Healthcare Liability Trends You Need to Know

    Get the facts! Allied healthcare businesses continue to grow at record pace! Are you offering the right liability coverages? READ MORE ›

  • 3 Tenant Discrimination Trends You Need to Know

    If you are providing property manager or owner clients with E&O coverage, make sure you address the growing exposure of tenant discrimination. READ MORE ›

  • Guide: 5 Steps to Selling Cyber

    Cyber risk and data security has a spot on the agenda of every business owner and executive. Are you prepared to effectively present and sell cyber liability insurance to your clients? READ MORE ›

  • Cyber Claims Digest: Trends and Insights

    Review the conclusions from a comprehensive data analysis of cyber claims made in 2016 and learn how to help your clients. READ MORE ›

  • How to Ensure Proper Sexual Misconduct & Molestation Coverage

    Take steps now to make sure your clients’ liability insurance doesn’t exclude coverage of crucial sexual misconduct and molestation risks. READ MORE ›


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