Go the Extra Mile: How Mileage Data from Connected Vehicles Takes Rating to the Next Level



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As 2022 looks to be a more “normal” year in terms of miles driven, now is the time to evaluate how you gather and use vehicle mileage information. Rating on “miles driven” remains a strong predictor of loss frequency, but can your mileage data be further optimized? Historically, sourcing “traditional” dealer and service event-based mileage readings has been a challenge. The data can be incomplete and/or out of date. But now, with data coming directly from connected vehicles, mileage readings can be more frequent and accurate, and give carriers a more complete picture of risk.

Join this complimentary webcast to take a deeper look at the impact of leveraging better mileage data for improved risk assessment. You’ll learn:

  • What may be missing from current mileage data sources
  • How to access improved data sophistication and segmentation opportunities, allowing you to rate more precisely
  • How mileage data from connected vehicles can strengthen your ability to execute “Pay as You Drive” policies and other mileage monitoring programs
  • And more!



Liz Rozier Jones

Director, Auto Insurance

Liz Rozier is director for auto insurance data solutions at LexisNexis Risk Solutions. She is responsible for auto product development, specifically in the vehicle-centric solution space, through strategic market intelligence, value proposition development and market positioning. She performs quantitative product analyses to present to prospective and current clients and to assist with the research for future data analytics products for the auto market. Liz has 10 years of combined property and casualty experience in agent and vendor roles, and in both commercial and auto lines of business. She holds a bachelor’s degree of fine arts specializing in communications from Valdosta State University.