2020 Year in Photos

The editorial team behind PropertyCasualty360.com and its companion magazines often talk about how “insurance touches everything.”

It follows that the biggest issues of 2020 — 12 months that have felt more like a decade — are also now the biggest issues in insurance.

It’s already become a popular bit of revisionist history to describe 2020 as a normal year that suddenly went off the rails when pandemic shutdowns took hold and a string of police killings set off widespread racial justice protests.

But the truth is 2020 was never going to be ordinary: It started with presidential impeachment proceedings, and the year was always destined to close with a historically contentious general election.

Still, no one could have predicted the harrowing months in between.

Through all of it, the photographers in our newsroom at ALM Media (our parent company) were there to document these profound events, telling the human stories behind the insurance news, and chronicling history being made in real-time.