No. 6: Good student discount

Many carriers offer an auto insurance discount for teens who do well in school.
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No. 5: Away from home discount

College kids, particularly those who move away from home, can sometimes qualify for car insurance discounts.
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No. 4: Safe driving programs

Driver’s education is a must for young drivers, as far as insurance carriers are concerned. Proof of such defensive driving courses should produce an auto insurance discount.
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No. 3: Using a monitoring app or device

Like all drivers, teens can qualify for discounts by sharing their driving telematics data with their insurance carrier.
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No. 2: Multi-car discounts

The benefit to bringing another car and driver onto a household auto policy is that some insurance carriers provide discounts for policies that cover multiple vehicles.
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No. 1: Ask for other options

Most importantly, insureds should ask questions of their auto insurance provider about how premiums for teen drivers are calculated, and what discounts may be available.
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Ah, teenagers; those kids in adult bodies. They used to be cute, knee-bouncing babies, then they suddenly begin to behave and consume like grownups. That includes getting behind the wheel.

You don’t have to look far for tales of reckless teen drivers. One statistic alone paints the picture: Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens in the U.S., reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It follows that adding a teen driver to the family auto insurance policy can kick up the premium more than 200%, according to a recent article published by, an insurance comparison and policy shopping website. The dispatch includes details and data about the cost of covering a teen driver, various factors that impact that cost including location and gender, and how long it may take for a young driver’s insurance premiums to decrease.

But there is one surprise in the story: Teen drivers don’t actually need to be so expensive to insure. The slideshow above illustrates six ways that says teens and their guardians can save money on auto insurance.

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