By this point, you’re probably on overload from information about COVID-19, how many people are infected and where it’s spread. To help you wade through the hype and focus on how the insurance industry will be affected and the types of claims that will arise, FC&S Expert Coverage Interpretation, Claims magazine and have produced a short podcast that focuses on the critical questions for insurers.

It’s the first segment in a new insurance-related podcast series entitled, Insurance Speak.  We’ll be introducing a new podcast every other week and feature industry experts addressing an array of topics such as auto insurance, workers’ compensation, property & casualty coverage, InsurTech, M&A, fraud and more.

In our first segment, Christine Barlow, managing editor of FC&S Expert Coverage Interpretation, looks at the lines of insurance most likely to be affected by the COVID-19 disease, discusses which areas are likely to see the most claims, and explains the role of policy interpretation and why this is so important for carriers and policyholders alike.

Barlow created a pandemic checklist that can be used to help assess a company’s risk factors, educate employees and clients, and help prepare everyone for a worst-case scenario.

PC360, Claims and FC&S also compiled numerous resources and information to help insurers and their staff effectively manage the expected claims that will arise. Information has been curated from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the World Health Organization and other sources to keep readers abreast of any significant changes.

You can access the podcast here.