Highlighting IICF's impact, to date, the nonprofit reported that over 110,000 people have participated in IICF volunteer events and $36 million has been distributed through charitable grants. (Photo: Marget Long)
In 2019, IICF designated a $1.5 million charitable grant to Sesame Workshop through the IICF Early Literacy Initiative (ELI), championed by IICF Chief Program Officer, Betsy Myatt. The program created ELI's free and bilingual Everyday is a Reading and Writing Day program, through which over 100,000 books have been distributed. (Photo: Marget Long)
Jenae O'Neil, Employee Experience Program Manager at Zurich, presented on the company's CSR program efforts, focusing on employee engagement. Since 2013, Zurich has matched employee donations of over $4 million, and employees have logged over 700,000 volunteer hours. (Photo: Marget Long)
Michelle Ng, Corporate Responsibility Leader at EY, shared the company's three areas of focus in its CSR efforts: supporting the next-gen workforce, working with impact entrepreneurs, and accelerating environmental sustainability. (Photo: Marget Long)
Representing The Hartford, Sarah Morin, assistant director of community relations, highlighted the company's Human Achievement Programs serving the disabled community. The Hartford has partnered with U.S. Paralympics, Disabled Sports USA and Angel City Sports to provide adaptive sports equipment and grants, serving 8,524 people since November 2018. (Photo: Marget Long)


CNA Director of Public Relations & Corporate Social Responsibility, Brandon Davis presented on the company's Volunteer-A-Thon, recording over 3,000 volunteer hours with 797 CNA employees participating in 92 different volunteer events.(Photo: Marget Long)
Assurant vice president Shawn Kahle presented the Assurant Cares Portal, a mobile app that allows employees to donate to causes of their choosing, request company donation matches, log volunteer hours and more. Kahle said Assurant recorded 46% employee participation in the app at year-end 2019. (Photo: Marget Long)
Among the key takeaways, IICF and McKinsey's Charitable Giving report found that insurers have shifted their charitable focus toward increased volunteering opportunities, recognizing millennials prefer to work with companies directly involved in charitable efforts and activities, rather than those making only monetary donations. It also found that measurement of charitable giving has increased, to 41% in 2019 from 26% in 2015, as more companies use key performance indicators to evaluate the impact of their philanthropy. (Photo: Marget Long)

This week, the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation (IICF) hosted its annual IICF and Key Partners Media Day in New York City to celebrate the industry’s shared philanthropy efforts and to exchange ideas on corporate social responsibility in the insurance industry.

Members of IICF’s executive team and representatives from several of IICF’s key partner companies gave presentations on each of their organization’s philanthropic work and achievements in 2019 and outlined goals for the years ahead.

IICF also released its 2020 report, “Charitable Giving in the Insurance Industry,” developed in partnership with McKinsey & Company, which identifies a number of growing philanthropic trends in the industry.

Among its key takeaways, the report found that insurers have shifted their focus toward increased volunteering opportunities, recognizing millennials’ preference to work with companies directly involved in charitable activities, rather than those making only monetary donations.

The report also says that the measurement of charitable giving increased to 41% in 2019, up from 26% in 2015. Researchers attribute this increase to more companies using key performance indicators to evaluate the impact of their philanthropy.

Corporate social responsibility around the industry

The programming for IICF’s Media Day included presentations by representatives from six insurance companies — AIG, Assurant, CNA, EY, The Hartford and Zurich — on each of their organization’s corporate social responsibility initiatives and accomplishments in 2019.

In the slideshow above, read about the different corporate social responsibility efforts and achievements of IICF and its key insurance industry partners in 2019 and for the years to come.

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