Earlier this month, the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation (IICF) hosted its annual IICF and Key Partners Media Day in New York City to celebrate the industry’s shared philanthropy efforts and recognize the different charitable causes of 13 different insurance companies.

The presentations demonstrated the wide range of causes these organizations support and celebrated the collective impact of IICF and its partners’ charitable efforts.

Taking a closer look at the insurance industry’s philanthropic causes, PC360 sat down with a few representatives from IICF’s partners.

A conversation with Zurich North America

In the video above Andrea Davis, Director of Employee Experience & Culture at Zurich North America discusses how employment trends inspired Zurich to offer “virtual volunteering” opportunities to its employees — particularly its remote employees.

Davis discussed these employment trends in her presentation, citing more than half Zurich employees work outside their main office for at least 2.5 days a week. Additionally, 82% of U.S. businesses are using flexible working as a way to improve work/life balance.

In response to this, Davis explains Zurich’s approach to philanthropy has evolved to be inclusive of all its employees, adopting “virtual volunteering” opportunities to not only remote workers, but employees with conflicting schedules or those with a disability.

Learn more in the video above.

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