Data breaches: they’re not just for the Targets and federal governments of the world any more. According to a new study from The Hartford, midsize businesses have a good chance of experiencing a data breach—if they haven’t already.

The Hartford’s recent survey of more than 500 midsize business owners and C-level execs found that 43% had experienced a data breach within the previous three years, and 13% have had a supplier’s data breach impact their own information.

That doesn’t mean business owners don’t recognize the heightened risk, however. According to the survey, 82% of midsize business leaders consider a data breach at least a minor risk, while 32% see it as a major risk. They also are aware of the risk a breach with a supplier could cause, with 53% of midsize leaders considering IT security and data protection practices very important when selecting a supplier.

For more information on data breaches from The Hartford’s survey, see the infographic below. (Click the image for full size.) To see The Hartford’s full survey on midsize businesses, click here.