By definition, if you end up in a collision repair shop things already aren’t going that great for you.

But we all drive and accidents happen. As a result, pretty much all of us end up needing a body shop sooner or later.

Of course, that doesn’t mean we have to like it. And most of us truly don’t.

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According to a new survey, released Tuesday by AudaExplore, there is a “major gap” between consumer trust and the actual service currently being offered by U.S. collision repair firms. And it’s not even close. A full 64% of respondents ranked auto collision repair professionals as second to last in terms of trust, behind teachers, doctors and law enforcement officers. Only lawyers are more distrusted.

That’s just the beginning. You’ll never believe the rest of the negative findings from this eye-opening study.


49% said that collision repair shops “always or often” perform the necessary repairs without taking on un-needed extras to pad the bill.

34% said that repair shops “always or often” charge fair prices, leaving 66% less than satisfied with the costs of service.

46% said that shop owners “sometimes, rarely or never” deliver final prices that match their original estimates.

Customer service

48% of respondents said that repair shops “sometimes, rarely or never” provide great customer service.

Less than half, 49%, said that shops “always or often” actually complete the work on schedule as promised.

Only 26% of respondents said they fully understand all of the work being done on their vehicle while it’s at the shop.


Only 22% of the people surveyed for the report said that their insurance carrier “decreases their stress” around the collision repair process, with 36% saying more frequent status updates during the process would improve this.

46% said they want better premiums from their carrier (though they probably should have known what their premiums would be before even getting to the shop).

But it’s not all bad news. The majority of respondents, a full 80%, said they are satisfied with the number of repair shops available under their insurance policies.