With the advent of warmer weather, bicyclists are using two wheels to travel past some amazing scenery, visit places not accessible by car, or go faster than walking or jogging allow. Sadly, cyclists and their bikes can also become easy targets for thieves.

Owners planning to travel with their bikes should consider special policies to protect against theft or damage when transporting their bicycles. Airline baggage handlers or TSA inspectors may not exercise care when handling a bike traveling on an airline. When a bike is damaged, there is often limited coverage offered by the carrier.

“Over 15 million bicycles are sold each year in the U.S., of which 4 million are of higher value,” said Dave Williams, CEO and co-founder of Velosurance, a company that offers bicycle insurance policies in the U.S. “A good quality, entry-level mountain or road bike costs around $1,500, and the average-value bike sold in 2013 was valued at approximately $4,000, with high-end bicycles costing as much as $20,000.”

Williams added that if a cyclist has any insurance, it’s usually under their homeowner’s or renter’s policy, which normally has limited coverage and a higher deductible than a straight bicycle policy. There may also be a reluctance to file a claim for fear that there will be an increase in policy rates.

Theft protection is another concern and cyclists should always purchase the best locks possible to protect their investment any time it is not in use. According to the U.S. National Crime Victim Survey, over 1.3 million bikes were stolen or approximately 2.5 per minute.