ID Federation Inc. introduced a new software tool for securely accessing multiple insurance websites with a single sign-on. The tool, SignOn Once, allows agency staff to use one login to securely access systems of multiple carrier business partners for transactions such as quoting, submission and account management.

Using token technology to authenticate each user’s identity, the software offers greater security protection compared current process of using a different password for each carrier system, according to ID Federation leaders.

The software  reduces the time that agencies, carriers and solution providers spend on managing passwords in addition to the enhanced security of connections.

The ID Federation is now inviting insurance carriers and other solution providers to participate in SignOn Once. By joining the ID Federation, completing the certification process and implementing SignOn Once, carriers can work to streamline access to their online tools for agent business partners.

“With SignOn Once, the ID Federation aims to greatly simplify workflow and processes, saving hundreds of hours per day for everyone involved in the business of insurance, including — most important — agency users,” said Gray Nester, senior vice president of BB&T, an ID Federation board member.

The software was developed out of a collaboration between insurance professionals and the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America’s Agents Council for Technology, the Real Time/Download Campaign, ACORD, technology user groups and other communities with the aim to create a safe and standard way to secure technology authentication for as many parties as possible in the industry.

“Technology offers tremendous advantages to all parties in an insurance transaction,” explained Teresa Addy, business technology analyst at EMC Insurance Companies and a leader in the development of SignOn Once. “But requirements such as signing on to individual websites of various carriers and recalling numerous passwords have worked against agency efficiency.

“SignOn Once can change all of that and boost efficiency at the same time. With SignOn Once, our goal is to allow insurance professionals to spend more time with the value-added work of serving prospects and clients and less time working on managing passwords,” Addy said.