New Year’s Day was the most active holiday for vehicle thefts in 2012 with 2,228 reported thefts across the country, according to the National Crime Information Center’s vehicle theft data report released by the National Insurance Crime Bureau. In second place is Labor Day with 2,158 thefts, closely followed by New Year’s Eve with 2,152 thefts.

Conversely, the holiday with the least thefts was Christmas with 1,432 thefts. Thieves must be filled with the Christmas spirit around the holiday, because Dec. 25 was the date with the lowest reported thefts of anyday in 2012 as well.

The top 11 holidays ranked by number of thefts reported to the NCIC in 2012 were:

  1. New Year’s Day (2,228)
  2. Labor Day (2,158)
  3. New Year’s Eve (2,152)
  4. Memorial Day (2,078)
  5. Halloween (2,053)
  6. Christmas Eve (2,034)
  7. Independence Day (1,955)
  8. President’s Day (1,925)
  9. Thanksgiving (1,656)
  10. Valentine’s Day (1,654)
  11. Christmas Day (1,432)

Although New Year’s Day was the holiday with the most reported thefts, there were 64 other dates in 2012 that recorded more theft activity. June 1, July 23 and Aug. 1 were the most active dates overall with thefts of 2,579; 2,525; and 2,457 respectively.

For the 11 holidays reviewed in 2012, a total of 21,325 vehicles were reported stolen compared with a total of 20,800 reported for those same days in 2011—a 2.5% increase.