Mitchell announces the release of Decision Point 7.4, an automated medical bill review and workflow solution for first- and third-party liability adjusters. The release boasts significant improvements to fraud and utilization management, as well as state-specific compliance updates.

“As state-specific regulations in the auto casualty industry continue to rapidly evolve, remaining compliant is an increasingly difficult task for insurance companies,” says Vidya Dinamani, vice president of product management and marketing. “It is critical carriers empower adjusters with technology to streamline and automate injury and liability claims handling. Without this technology, the claims management process is often cumbersome, inefficient and prone to errors.”

Decision Point 7.4 is an end-to-end medical bill review platform enabling adjusters in the auto casualty industry to make informed decisions around medical bills related to liability claims. Key updates to the product include:

  • Claimant Dashboard – dashboard equips adjusters with a visually appealing, claim-level view of provided medical care, enabling the proactive management of utilization and identification of potential fraud.
  • Explanation of Benefits (EOB) – redesigned EOB for ease-of-use by leveraging industry best practices while continuing to be compliant with all state regulations.
  • Claimant Treatment Guide (CTG) – CTG automates medical treatment guidelines for the pre-certification process in New Jersey, allowing adjusters to quickly view the impact of a claimant’s pre-cert on a bill.
  • Network Tiering Workflow – The introduction of configurable rules for selecting and routing bills through network tiering, with an emphasis on facilitating automatic out-of-network processing so that adjusters have more options for extending benefits for their policyholders.

“Mitchell’s agile methodology for software development allows the company to quickly bring new products to market to meet and exceed client needs. The benefits of practicing these development principles are evident in Decision Point 7.4,” says Dinamani. “In this development cycle for example, Mitchell has introduced a new innovation through Claimant Dashboard. This feature provides customers with unparalleled visibility into claimant medical care, to enable proactive management of claims. At the same time, new state-specific product enhancements ensure customers remain compliant as regulations evolve.”