Company: Insuresoft
Product: The Diamond System
Representative: Terry Brown, Vice President of Product Management

To what do you attribute the positive ratings from your customers?
Brown: “Insuresoft firmly believes in the value of getting to know its customers and understanding what drives their business needs. We partner with them to develop a roadmap that allows continuous integration of new features and technology. We rely on our team to canvass the market to learn where the industry is going, but  many of our best new features are the result of the collaborative design work we do with our customers.”

How do you communicate with your insurance carrier customers to meet their needs?
Brown: “Insuresoft communicates with its customers through direct communication between the Insuresoft account lead and the project manager on the carrier side, quarterly focus groups, annual user group meetings, and executive roundtable discussions. We utilize a proprietary collaboration tool to manage customer requests and assign them to the appropriate customer builds based on priority. We are expanding that tool to support product and technology alerts. More important than any tool or process, however, is the open communication we have with our customer base that allows us to discuss critical needs and establish a product and technology roadmap that is in line with their business drivers.”

What are some of the positive developments your company has achieved in the past year to your product stand out amid a crowded solution-provider market?
Brown: “The biggest development is the release of a new product called Diamond Composer, which pulls together the various components necessary to implement a new state or line of business, including, but not limited to, creating workflows, modifying screen layouts, writing rules, and updating rating. Composer will allow a business user to make changes based on business needs through an intuitive designer component while being hosted in a private cloud.”

Background: Insuresoft offers a suite of products and services that are configured to meet the needs of insurance companies and MGAs in North America. The Diamond System is a policy admin system for both personal and commercial lines carriers. 

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