FirstBest Systems, Inc., a provider of insurance software solutions for global insurance carriers, announces FirstBest UMS Mobile 2.0 for property & casualty insurance.  The application is built directly on the Apple iOS platform and applies the functionality of FirstBest’s underwriting management system (UMS) to benefit an insurance workforce increasingly accustomed to mobile connectivity.

Part of the modular FirstBest Front Office Suite, the mobile app empowers rapid decision making from anywhere, at any time, with real-time secure data access and transactions, using the same system to support both mobile and desktop users. 

Designed for Apple iPads, the new version extends remote capabilities to the full underwriting staff so they can stay on top of tasks and quickly see what’s new in their book of business.  iPad users can review, approve/decline, and comment on applications that have been referred to them and close business whenever they’re away from their desks.

FirstBest built the mobile application following research that indicated 46 percent of insurance carrier users the company surveyed preferred tablets over laptops or smartphones when working remotely.  The research further showed that 75 percent of respondents believe mobile capabilities would help them provide faster responses and better serve customers. Some 83 percent of respondents stated that they would use a mobile device to look up customer information from anywhere while 62 percent would use it to check application status, each of which the new application supports.

FirstBest UMS Mobile 2.0 benefits include:

Faster Underwriting Process – Streamlines the underwriting process with more efficient workflow optimized for mobile use, saving time for everyone involved. Provides remote information at a glance and enables managers to clear or reject referrals, include notes and keep applications moving for fast response to agents. Real-time notifications let users respond or take action ASAP from their mobile device.  The mobile app enables:

  • Referral review, commenting and approval
  • Submission and quote viewing
  • Attachment viewing
  • Viewing activity for the user’s book of business
  • Task management

Native iOS Application – Developed on the Apple iOS platform, the application is easily installed on the device.  The user experience is optimized for the Apple iPad, incorporating iOS features and gestures while providing high performance mobile access to the same UMS information underwriters have in the office.

Underwriting Team Collaboration and Efficiency – Speeds processes with more efficient task management and workflow, saving time for underwriters and agents.  Everyone on the underwriting team can gain visibility to the book of business, see what’s new on any account, view and complete open tasks and review submissions.  By simplifying access to information, underwriters can seamlessly collaborate with each other and with agents via multiple communication channels.

Seamless User Experience – Integrated with the FirstBest Front Office Suite and back-office systems to deliver a continuous user experience across desktops and mobile devices.  Leverages FirstBest secure web services, which manage workflow and business rules, and access to carrier systems, policy admin and enterprise content management (ECM) systems, agency data, third-party data, and standard forms.

Secure Access and Data – Native Apple iOS (vs. web-based) application capabilities, with password-protected login, SSL encryption and data stored on the server, instead of the device.  The UMS Mobile app enables secure attachment viewing, including those stored in the carrier’s ECM or document management system.

“All roads lead to empowering insurers with real-time access to underwriting information to support the rapid pace of business. According to Novarica, 20 percent of carriers have deployed mobile capabilities internally and/or externally and 40 percent of carriers support tablets internally. The evidence is in the news daily. Mobile can’t be ignored,” says John Belizaire, FirstBest founder and CEO.

FirstBest UMS Mobile 2.0 will be available in January.