CloudInsure, a cloud insurance platform designed to address emerging liabilities within the cloud environment, announces an agreement with Guy Carpenter & Company, a global reinsurance intermediary, to establish relationships with primary insurers to offer privacy and security liability coverage to meet the growing needs of the cloud computing space for enterprise customers, bringing insurance solutions that move at the pace of Cloud technologies.

“We believe that CloudInsure has developed a sustainable solution and methodology, based on solid analytics and data, which will foster this emerging marketplace,” says Tony Jones, vice president at Guy Carpenter. “Guy Carpenter’s role as an reinsurance intermediary positions us to assist in further advancing this marketplace by creating the risk transfer mechanisms and innovations necessary to support primary insurer adoption on a mass scale.”

CloudInsure CEO, Mike Paisan says, “The insurance industry needs the cloud industry, and cloud industry needs the insurance industry – they just don’t know it yet. We see that for cloud companies, and tech in general, innovation and adoption is happening at a faster rate than a single insurance company can manage on their own, we anticipate great support and partnerships from the primary insurance, with opportunities in these markets on the scale of cloud.”