NU Online News Service, June 15, 2:25 p.m. EDT

A four-day conference of 80 business leaders and risk decision-makers from around the world met in Dubai earlier this month to discuss the best practices and latest trends in implementing enterprise risk management in the region.

Participating in the 2nd annual Enterprise Risk Management MENA (Middle East North Africa) 2012 conference, presented by TCQ Triangle a global provider of workplace learning solutions, was part of the Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc.’s initiative to expand its international profile. The conference included keynote speeches and workshops by RIMS executives and corporate risk experts.

“Raising the global profile of RIMS and the risk management profession is essential for [RIMS’s] sustainability and growth,” said RIMS President Deborah M. Luthi. “Expanding our presence overseas will inevitably lead to new relationships, as well as the development of more resources and knowledge that we can then leverage to benefit our members.”

Christopher E. Mandel, a former RIMS President and the executive vice president and head of professional services at rPM3 Solutions, LLC, delivered a keynote address and presented the “Strategic Risk Management—Integrating ERM and Strategic Planning” workshop.

“While a long way to travel, the MENA ERM forum was one of the best I’ve attended where the focus was ERM and in this case, specifically managing risk strategically,” says Mandel. “The delegates were incredibly engaged in the dialogue and debates and to my surprise, generally far more advanced than I would have thought. The Middle East has tremendous potential for RIMS to expand its footprint and bring value to an underserved constituency.”

Joseph A. Milan, a former member of the RIMS ERM committee and the principal of JA Milan & Associates, LLC, delivered a second keynote address and presented the “ERM Implementation—Accelerating ERM Theory into Practice” workshop.

“From some of the largest oil companies in the world to governmental and not-for-profit entities, there is a disciplined focus that includes aligning ERM with strategic risk management,” says Milan commenting on the maturity of the implementation of ERM in the Middle East and North Africa. “Practitioners in the region look to RIMS as a highly credible source for up-to-date ideas in the discipline and I am certain there will be more opportunities for collaboration and outreach in the region.”