ISO announces the release of a new information source for claims and fraud investigators that will bolster industry efforts to fight insurance fraud. Through an alliance with Digital Recognition Network (DRN), a provider of asset location technology and services, ISO is introducing Vehicle Location Reports, available through the ISO ClaimSearch Decision Net public records and investigations portal. The reports provide a history of a vehicle’s physical location based on public sightings.

 Vehicle Location Reports feature firsthand photographic evidence and mapping of public vehicle sightings, including a photo of the vehicle, a photo of the vehicle’s license plate, date and time stamp for each photo, GPS coordinates for each location where the vehicle was sighted, and display of coordinates on a geo-map offering road and satellite views of the location.

“The Vehicle Location Reports are an important addition to our data sources,” says Rich Della Rocca, vice president, ISO Claims Solutions. “Our strategic alliance with DRN will certainly add value to the investigations support we provide to our customers.”

The Vehicle Location Reports are of value where the focus of claims review and investigations is to locate persons of interest, such as witnesses, claimants, or other parties to a claim. The reports can also help investigate suspicious auto claims, reveal preexisting vehicle damage, and identify instances of possible rate evasion, as well as validate claimant statements and supporting information.

“We’re pleased to work with ISO and the insurance industry to bring data solutions that mitigate risk and increase profitability,” says Chris Metaxas, CEO of Digital Recognition Network.

DRN’s technology and services fuel a national network of affiliates operating mobile license plate recognition solutions in every major metropolitan area across theUnited States. The network captures both images and data on a vehicle’s physical location. DRN houses the data in a private database of vehicle information that is protected by the strictest safeguards for privacy, compliance, and data integrity.