Premium volume for Combined Agents of America LLC, an Austin, Texas-based agency-cluster group, grew by 21 percent in 2011 with the addition of three new members and increased organic growth.

The closed managing general agency grew premium volume from $420 million in 2010 to $506 million in 2011. The result was the generation in revenue of $67 million compared to $55 million in 2010.

CAA says the three new members accounted for close to 13 percent of the increase, while organic growth in such niche areas as oil and gas accounted for about 8 percent.

The cluster has members located in Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma.

Its three new members are Elliott Insurance Group in Louisburg, Kan; HC&H Insurance Group LLC, in Denton, Texas; and NTX Insurance Group Inc., a group of seven professional independent insurance agencies spread across North Texas.