Decision Research Corporation (DRC), a rating and policy processing software and services solution provider to the property & casualty insurance industry, announces its DecisionMaker Suite now supports Commercial Package Policies. 

Insurance carriers using DecisionMaker Suite are able to package multiple coverage parts and apply customized package discount factors to their policies through the DecisionMaker system.  Support for CPP is fully integrated into DecisionMaker Suite allowing separate mono-line policies to be consolidated into a single policy (with no duplicate data) in a few keystrokes.  Allstandard DecisionMaker Suite policy administration functions currently available for mono-line policies can be applied for CPP policies.

“The launch of Commercial Package Policy further demonstrates our configuration instead of customization approach to insurance product management within DecisionMaker Policy Administration,” says Karen Yamamoto, president of DRC.  “When working with new or existing Packages, business units are able to select existing lines or add new lines as needed.  This feature gives our customers a cost effective way to introduce new packages to the market using DecisionMaker Suite.”

DTRIC Insurance recently implemented DecisionMaker’s Commercial Package Policy to supplement the commercial lines of business already in production at DTRIC which include commercial auto/truckers, workers’ compensation, general liability and commercial fire; all processing under a single DecisionMaker Suite application. 

DTRIC also is able to add coverages for lines still processed by their legacy systems to their CPP policies providing DTRIC with significant flexibility in pricing and servicing policies. 

“The addition of CPP to our existing DecisionMaker Suite application went very smoothly and DRC was there to ensure that our staff was properly trained and able to issue CPP polices immediately after training completed,” says Garrett Yoshimi, vice president and CIO of DTRIC. “The ability of DecisionMaker CPP to reconcile and eliminate occurrences of redundant data across the underlying lines of business coverage parts has greatly enhanced our processing efficiency.”