Applied Systems Client Network (ASCnet) is sporting a newly designed Website along with a new mobile optimized site, both custom-designed by Artizan Internet Services.

On both sites, Artizan’s design highlights the association’s new logo and branding and delivers easy navigation. At, member log-in form, links to the ASCnet Community, and education information help to make the site user-friendly. The site is also equipped with back-end tools to allow ASCnet to keep news and event information up-to-date.

“With our new logo hot off the press, we were ready for a new online look,” says LaTosha Holden, ASCnet marketing manager. “Artizan has been an endorsed partner of ASCnet’s for years, and we were confident in their ability to support our online needs. But the completed project surpassed our expectations.”

“The new site is wonderful,” remarked Steve Johnson, ASCnet CEO. “Not only does it compliment the new updated branding of our organization, its design enables members to find the tools and information they need fast and simply. With our strong member focus, this is a real important function for our website to have.”

The Artizan-designed mobile optimized Website is built to provide up-to-the-minute information for participants at ASCnet’s annual meeting of insurance professionals who use solutions from insurance technology company Applied Systems.

“We initially were looking to provide show-goers with an app providing conference information,” Holden says. “However, after looking into the mobile optimized sites Artizan builds, we knew this was the better option. Unlike an app, the site allows us to make real-time updates. And because it is not built for a specific smartphone operating system the way an app is, the mobile site is not limited to certain phones.”

“We were really excited to help ASCnet update its Website as well as provide a mobile Website for TENCon,” says Artizan Internet Services President Richard Roy. “The user associations within our industry are a vital component to the education and success of our agents. We are happy we could help ASCnet achieve the fresh, member-focused online presence the association was looking for.”