Aplifi (formerly Blue Frog Solutions), a provider of life & annuity order management, client management, and marketing solutions for the insurance and financial sectors, announces that it has expanded its PolicyBox platform and launched into the property & casualty market.

PolicyBox is an electronic policy and document delivery system for the insurance and finance industries. This Web-based allows for each level of the distribution channel to offer its own branding and marketing appeal to its downstream customers. The solution supports the needs of carriers, general agencies, broker/dealers, banks, and producers.

Carrier or captive organizations in the p&c sector have long provided policies online for their customers. However, independent agents have been stranded with paper.

In 2010, over 100 million personal and commercial lines policies were delivered in paper form costing the industry billions to support. In some instances these policies can be several hundred pages and typically cost the agency more than $35 per policy to process.

In most cases, the responsibility to print and deliver the p&c policy falls on the part of the agency. PolicyBox allows the agency to start and finish the electronic policy delivery process—with or without carrier involvement; while adding custom components along with its own unique branding. In addition, PolicyBox acts as a single repository for the agency to store all policies off site in a secure and redundantly backed up location.

“With more p&c agents starting to cross-sell life insurance we saw a natural fit in expanding PolicyBox to support those organizations by offering a single platform that meets both needs.” says Greg Reynolds, chief technology officer of Aplifi. “By opening the platform to support  p&c and life products, our insurance carrier partners will see a natural lift in adoption of e-policy delivery.”