NU Online News Service, June 20, 11:37 a.m. EDT

Insurance broker Aon has sued Alliant Insurance Services for poaching more than 40 employees from one of its construction units and stealing business and trade secrets.

Aon Risk Insurance Services filed suit in Cook County Circuit Court in Chicago last week, according to court records.

In its court filing, Aon alleges that Newport Beach, Calif.-based Alliant lured more than 40 employees to the firm, and that the employees violated non-compete agreements and took valuable business with them to their new firm.

In addition to Alliant, the suit names Peter Arkley, Ken Caldwell and Michael Parizino, the court records say.

On the same day of the suit filing on June 15, Alliant issued a statement welcoming Arkley, Caldwell, Parizino and Leslie Curry to the firm to head up Alliant’s construction-services team. Curry was identified as a construction expert based in Los Angeles.

In Alliant’s statement, Arkley was identified as having been “chairman and CEO of the construction-services group of a large international insurance brokerage.”

In addition to violating non-compete agreements and stealing trade secrets, Aon alleges that Arkley negotiated new business for Alliant while still employed with Aon, a violation of his employment agreement.

Aon seeks unspecified financial damages and injunction against Alliant from using Aon’s trade secrets and the former Aon employees from competing against Aon for a period of two years.

In a statement, an Aon spokesman says, “The complaint speaks for itself.”

Alliant has issued no statement.

According to court records, the case is set to be heard before Judge Peter Flynn on Dec. 22.

A motion to dismiss the case was filed on June 17.