Perceptive Software, creator of enterprise content management solutions, document management, imaging, and workflow, announced the release of ImageNow 6.6.

Perceptive’s latest release features next-generation 64-bit server architecture for maximum performance in highly scaled enterprise settings.

The native 64-bit design of the new version builds on the performance of its widely deployed 32-bit version to meet the needs of enterprise users increasingly deploying 64-bit environments.

“With this release, Perceptive Software can now take full advantage of 64-bit operating systems to provide front-line scalability and performance at a compelling price point compared to systems that run in a sub-optimal 32-bit compatibility mode on 64-bit systems,” says Darren Knipp, chief technology officer, Perceptive Software

64-bit advantages include:

  • Allows applications to go beyond the two-gigabyte ceiling (per application process) of 32-bit systems’ addressable memory
  • Less reliance on slow disk-based input/output operations of virtual memory
  • Increased access to larger amounts of high-speed physical memory
  • Sustained performance in highly scaled enterprise settings

“In practical terms, this will mean many more simultaneous users supported by a single server while maintaining superior performance,” Knipp added. “ImageNow 64-bit technology prepares our customers’ ECM systems for almost unlimited future expansion.”

In addition to native the server compatibility, ImageNow 6.6 includes enhancements to Perceptive’s Business Insight, eForms, Retention Policy Manager, and capture offerings. To improve the application’s ability to secure sensitive data in healthcare, government, and other industries requiring strong encryption, Perceptive Software has updated its encryption methods to leverage to Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Other features include deeper integration with the Epic EMR system and SAP business system.