Rating engine site AutoInsurance.com has launched new features on the site that enable shoppers to get more accurate auto insurance premium estimates.

The Web site has introduced a number of new fields to the quote-comparison form, allowing for shoppers to provide more detailed information and for the rating engine to produce more precise quotes from dozens of carriers.

“Our steady testing and optimization continually improve the accuracy of our public auto insurance rater,” said Cesar Diaz, founder of the site. “We’re finding the right balance that allows us to maintain a short questionnaire while still capturing enough data to provide accurate rates.”

Since coverage providers will ask for information beyond whether or not an accident or infraction occurred, so too does AutoInsurance.com. Consumers visiting the site will find that they can now input comprehensive details about these types of incidents.

If a driver has received a ticket, he or she is now able to provide information about the type of infraction and when it was committed.

If a driver has been involved in an accident, he or she can now input the accident type, who was at fault, how much it cost, what was damaged, and when it occurred.

Because many insurance companies will often opt to charge higher rates only if an incident reached a certain monetary threshold or if it happened in a specified time frame, the inclusion of these details could improve the quality of a quote.

In addition, the rating engine now allows consumers to enter information for all motorists and vehicles that will be covered under a policy—not just the primary ones.