The California Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau will likely recommend an average rate increase of around 30 percent to the state’s insurance department later this year.

Jack Hannan, WCIRB communications director, said the bureau’s actuarial committee met recently, and based on its work, its governing committee is expected to call for an increase in pure premium rates of about 30 percent for 2011 workers’ comp policies.

Mr. Hannan said WCIRB anticipates making its filing with the department on Aug. 17.

Regarding reasons for the increase, Mr. Hannan said WCIRB recommended a 22.8 percent rate increase last year that Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner rejected, so the state is “already starting at 20-to-25 percent inadequate rates.”

Additionally, he said 2009 “did not emerge as favorably as we thought it would,” which bumped the proposed increase higher.

In November 2009, Commissioner Poizner vowed that workers’ comp rates will not change “one dime” until insurers address avoidable costs in the system.

Mr. Hannan said the department will likely hold a public hearing at the end of September before the commissioner makes a decision on the recommendation.

An insurance department representative said the commissioner has no comment on the proposal since it has not been filed yet.