Big auto insurers, who said in February they were reviewing Toyota auto accident claims for subrogation actions involving accelerator problems, have begun moving cases with the carmaker.

Representatives for Allstate and State Farm said last week their companies had begun the subrogation process. Neither company would go into much detail.

Mike Siemienas, speaking for Allstate, said it has notified Toyota that “we have claims that we believe are the result of a product defect,” adding that the company has started the subrogation process.

“Allstate continues to investigate claims involving recalled vehicles,” he noted, but declined to say how many of its 17.7 million auto policyholders owned Toyotas, or how many might possibly have claims that could be subrogated. The firm is the second-largest U.S. auto insurer.

Phil Supple, speaking for State Farm, whose company acknowledged it was reviewing Toyota claims on Feb. 9, said he could not go into detail on current subrogation activity with the auto manufacturer. “We don’t share that stuff. You sit down and negotiate,” he said.

“On any given day we sit down with manufacturers. Subrogation is common,” he added.

Mark Bunin, president and chief executive of Case Closure–a New York-based insurance arbitration and mediation firm–said large auto insurers would be amalgamating their serious claims involving Toyotas over the past five or six months, to see “how many of them are tied to or could be tied to the gas pedal recall.”