NU Online News Service, March 30, 9:43 a.m. EST

NASHVILLE, Tenn.–Vertafore’s president of agency markets told a user group conference that the company’s customer service needs to be improved and users can expect to see the company make strides to do just that.

Bill Bunker, president, agency markets for the Bothell, Wash.-based insurance technology solutions provider, discussed steps the company is taking to improve product and service to agency users.

He spoke during last week’s 34th annual AMS Users Group meeting, renamed Network of Vertafore Users Group (NetVU).

On Friday, Mr. Bunker told attendees that the company has been listening and has heard its customers’ complaints that when it comes to customer support of its products, “we are not getting it quite nailed down,” adding, “we are not as responsive as we need to be.”

He said the company understands the issue and is developing different methods to deal with it, acknowledging that the company needs to get support to its team of users. Vertafore, he said, will end customer service issues “getting lost in the ether.”

Where once the company operated in product silos, it has now been “turned on its side” to adequately address the business needs of different size agencies. The company now offers a full breadth of business solutions instead of individual products, he explained.

“We are changing every aspect to deal with different business segments,” Mr. Bunker said.

Vertafore, he continued, recognizes that the business technology solutions needed by a large agency are not the same as they are for a small agency, and the software provider is adjusting its business structure to work with those different markets.

“We are reaching out and talking to you and making sure you get value out of our solutions,” Mr. Bunker said.

He noted that the company continues to pursue making product improvements, investing in enhancing software capability while integrating acquired products into the company’s portfolio.

“We certainly are very focused on the backbone of our business and how we are moving [forward] from a product standpoint, and from a services standpoint, to make you more efficient and effective organizations,” Mr. Bunker told the group.

“Certainly, as we look at the products we [have developed] over the years, one of our core goals, today, is to bring those together so you can work more effectively, and be more competitive, and be more successful,” he remarked.