The Connecticut Insurance Department recovered $630,424 for insureds from complaints resolved in the second quarter. The Department received 1,372 new complaints/inquiries in the second quarter, which was down slightly from the nearly 1,500 it received in the first quarter.

Of all incoming complaints, accident and health product lines topped the list with 44 percent. Auto followed with 31 percent, homeowners’ and farmers had 13 percent, and life and annuities, general liability, and fire insurance account for the remaining 12 percent.

“With the Department’s assistance, consumers are getting the help they deserve,” said Insurance Commissioner Thomas R. Sullivan.

Each quarter, inquiries received by the public are analyzed by the Department’s Consumer Affairs Division. The Division pays particular attention to trends that may affect consumers and necessitate consumer outreach initiatives.

This quarter, almost 40 percent of complaints were attributed to unfair claim practices. Marketing/sales and premium/rating each received eight percent of the total complaints.