TAI Inc., a provider of life reinsurance software solutions, has introduced a new product called TAI X-press, a communications software that facilitates the transmission of electronic files among trading partners, including ceding companies to reinsurers and reinsurers to retrocessionnaires.

All transmissions are encrypted utilizing https protocols. TAI X-press is a stand-alone product, so any company wishing to transmit electronic data or files can utilize it.

This service can be used to send a company’s normal monthly and quarterly reports. The attachments can be in a PDF format, JPEG, Excel, Word document, or other electronic formats. All transmissions have XML wrappers to identify the package and its contents and can be sent instantly or scheduled for after hours, when there is less network traffic. The receiving company, reinsurer, or retrocessionnaire must be set up to accept transmissions.

TAI X-press is designed for sending sensitive data quickly and cost-effectively. It eliminates the need to create CDs, DVDs, tapes, or scanned documents or to set up FTP sites to transmit reports and data. It also eliminates the added expense and risk of sending this information through the mail or using a delivery service, where it could be lost or misdirected.