Willis Group Holdings said its Willis AG Swiss branch has acquired Burkart Risk Consulting & Partner AG (BRP). Monetary terms of the transaction were not released.

The London-headquartered firm called the acquisition a move that underscores a “commitment to achieve a leadership position in Switzerland.”

Willis said BRP that was established in 1986 as an independent consulting company will be integrated into Willis’ Swiss operations with its 10 associates and increase the personnel strength to over 55.

“BRP has an excellent reputation for client service and a growing presence in the middle market which offers us an opportunity to expand in that segment,” said Yves Gu?lat, chief executive officer of Willis AG in a statement.

“This all makes for a good strategic fit with Willis AG. Together we will continue to deploy our policy of transparency and cost leadership, providing our clients with outstanding local service and access to the group’s global resources,” said Mr. Gu?lat.

Willis AG’s management is now comprised of Mr. Gu?lat, Peter S. Philipp, deputy CEO, Werner L?thi, chief financial officer and Andreas Burkart, previously General Manager at BRP. BRP’s J?rg Amrein and Felix Kn?pfel will also join the extended management team.