Insurance broker Willis Group Holdings Public Entity Pooling Practice marked its 25th anniversary this year by noting the changes its has seen since beginning operations in 1982.

Willis said that in recent years the demand for risk management services by states, cities, counties, political subdivisions, religious organizations and other nonprofit organizations has grown dramatically in the face of an expanding definition of liability, new risks and legislative changes.

During this time, the Willis Pooling Practice said it has assisted clients with all the traditional risks public entities face, as well as extraordinary and far-reaching threats like Y2K, terrorism, mold, harassment and occupational disease.

According to the practice, current trends in risk pooling include an increased focus on serving pool member’s specific needs, creating networking and work-alike groups, and educating public entities on risk prevention issues such as law enforcement training and bus rodeos.

The Pooling Practice provides risk transfer and insurance services to over 3,200 counties, cities, school districts, towns, religious institutions and hospitals. The firm said the cost-effective pooling of risk positively impacts the budgets of more than 750 school districts educating two million children.