The Public Entity Risk Institute (PERI), a nonprofit risk management training and educational group, called today for proposals for a program to stimulate research and development in the risk management arena.

PERI, based in Fairfax, Va., said it plans to invest in new partners that advance creative products and services for managing risk as part of a PERI Enterprise Investment Program.

The organization said it is interested in making equity investments of $100,000 to $250,000 in ventures that advance the practice of risk management within public entities, small businesses or nonprofit organizations.

Among the investment partnership opportunities of interest to PERI constituents are products and services related to risk identification and assessment, risk control strategies or best practices, and electronically-delivered training, the group said.

“PERI has always strived to be a catalyst in the risk management field,” explained Gary Binger, vice chairman of PERI’s board.

“The goal of the Enterprise Investment Program,” he explained, “is to uncover creative development concepts for new products and services that will expand and improve the practice of risk management within our constituent groups.”

Organizations and individuals interested in partnering with PERI should participate in a two-step proposal process, the group said. Information about the proposal process is available on PERI’s Web site at

Initial concept papers outlining the product or service should be submitted to PERI no later than June 1. This concept paper or “mini business plan” will present an overview of the innovator’s product or service idea and explain how PERI and its constituency would benefit from its development.

PERI said it will review each concept paper and, if the PERI board of directors feels the concept has potential, a full business plan will be requested.

A detailed handout on the proposal requirements is available on the PERI Web site at or by calling PERI at (703) 352-1846.

(PERI is a nonprofit, nonmembership organization that provides risk management education and training resources for local governments, school districts, small businesses, nonprofits and others.

PERI operates a national performance measurement and benchmarking database known as the PERI Data Exchange, which allows local governments to compare liability and workers’ compensation data with their peers and identify strategies to reduce losses and control costs.)