The National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies said it has released two online technical publications for farm underwriting and loss prevention.

Indianapolis-based NAMIC said the release marks the association’s first entry into the realm of online reference and learning products.

The “2006 NAMIC Farm Underwriting Guide” and the “2006 NAMIC Farm Inspection and Loss Prevention Manual” were developed by committees composed of subject matter experts from NAMIC member companies, the group said.

Michael Ulmer, NAMIC vice president, information technology, said: “Delivering this information online allows us to reach more people at a lesser cost. Updates to the highly technical content of these reference and learning tools can be made at any time and easily communicated to anyone using the products on the Web.”

Both products are available for online access, on CD-ROM and in paper format, for $99 per user, NAMIC said. Mr. Ulmer explained, “It is important to be flexible in the formats we offer, so our members and other users can access the information when they need it, in a way that makes the most the sense to them at the time.”

The farm underwriting guide covers insurance contract analysis and declarations, dwelling and household personal property, farm service buildings, common policy extensions, inspections, and more, NAMIC said.

It said the “2006 NAMIC Farm Inspection and Loss Prevention Manual” contains in-depth information on heating systems, electrical safety, lightning protection, use of agricultural chemicals and many other potentially hazardous conditions commonly encountered when inspecting or underwriting rural properties.

NAMIC said volume discounts and larger-scale licensing opportunities are available. More information is available at