Three states have sued jewelry retailer Friedman’s for allegedly misleading customers into paying for life, property, and other insurance while they thought that they were insuring the financing of jewelry purchases. Attorneys general in Texas, Tennessee, and Florida are charging Friedman’s with selling $46.7 million of insurance in 19 states while failing to adequately disclose the costs to customers.

“This wrongful conduct ranged from duping consumers into purchasing products they did not ask for to charging them for something that may have had no value,” said Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist.

In response to the allegations, Friedman’s stated that it does not condone any improper practices alleged in the complaints. The chain’s management also said that the transactions in question primarily occurred between 1998 and 2002, and that it has implemented measures designed to monitor and assure compliance with company policy concerning credit insurance sales practices, including the replacement of several executives.