• Calibrating for Accurate Liability Outcomes

    Establishing liability is one of the crucial foundations to achieving the right claims outcome. However, it is often cast aside in a never-ending quest to achieve other metrics.

  • Defining Perfection in Claims Departments

    Like school grades or sports statistics, adjusters can be measured on a variety of indictors such as timeliness and customer service, with the ultimate goal being an accurate settlement. But what truly defines perfection for claims organizations?

  • The Essence of Winning

    There is no sensation like being the game changer. From catching the winning touchdown to brokering the million-dollar business deal, the thrill is beyond compare.

  • Subrogation Legal Strategies

    If you were walking down the street and saw a one hundred-dollar bill, you would probably pick it up. So why do insurance carriers leave not hundreds but billions of dollars on the table annually?

  • The Subrogation Cash Cow

    Given the pressure to scale back and increase the bottom line, it is more crucial than ever for insurance carriers to maximize subrogation recoveries. Two key strategies will enable carriers to move out of the red ink and into profitability.