ALM, the parent company for and several dozen other business-to-business news outlets, is launching a new resource this month geared specifically toward small and medium-sized business owners. It will provide important information about legal issues, insurance, personnel and benefits, real estate, tax and finance, and technology.

ALM covers these areas and more through its news outlets and is utilizing its vast network of experts and knowledge to create a one-stop resource for small business owners. Providing an overview of the new resource are Erika Morphy, managing editor for; Katie Rass, the executive managing editor of ThinkAdvisor; and Raychel Lean, the Florida Bureau chief for ALM and editor of the Daily Business Review.

Lean shared what kinds of information will be available through this new site. “We’ll look at what business owners need to know to succeed, to adapt, to grow, etc.”

She explained that not only will the ALM Small Business Adviser cover what happened, but our editors and experts will also explain why it matters to business owners. They will provide insights on what not to do and share important information in the areas of tax issues, as well as analysis of recent events and legislation, and explain how all of these issues affect small business owners.

Morphy addressed one of the largest expenses for business owners – real estate. “Our main focus will be on how to help reduce that expense,” she said.

Taxes and finances are another pain point for many owners; monitoring filing deadlines is critical. “A lot of business owners struggle with tracking expenses and other financial aspects of their businesses. The Small Business Adviser will provide guidance in this area,” added Rass.

Readers can access these articles and resources through the Daily Business Review website, and the information is available free of charge following registration on the site.

For more details on what resources will be available through the ALM Small Business Adviser, listen to the podcast above or subscribe to Insurance Speak on Spotify, Apple Music or Libsyn.