This episode is an excerpt from the webcast “How to More Effectively Use Social Media to Detect Fraud,” which happened in August and featured Rob Douglas from Skopenow and Dennis Toomey of BAE Systems.

The full on-demand presentation can be found at:

About Rob Douglas Rob Douglas is the CEO and Co-Founder of Skopenow, an analytical search engine that uses AI to detect claims fraud within social media. Rob is a product and data enthusiast.

About Dennis Toomey Dennis Toomey, Global Director, Counter Fraud Analytics and Operations at BAE Systems,  brings nearly 30 years’ experience as a subject matter expert and trusted advisor on insurance fraud to BAE Systems. This includes industry hands-on experience of investigating and leading large Special Investigation Units (SIUs) coupled with data, analytics, and consulting experience around the world. Toomey offers a diverse skill set of management, planning, and marketing across fraud detection and investigation solutions for the global property, casualty, life, and disability insurance markets.

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