Introducing Haag’s Newest Gauge: Improving Your Accuracy

Haag Education, LLC proudly announces a new product that will take the guesswork out of estimating replacement panels for steel, aluminum, and single-ply roofing. The Haag Panel and Membrane Gauge™ (HPMG) is the latest addition to Haag’s industry-leading collection of tools for today’s claim and assessment professionals.

There are a number of steel panel gauges already in the marketplace. However, Haag’s HPMG is the first of its kind, engineered for the precision needed to measure some of the thinnest roofing products in use today. Other gauges are capable only of estimating a single type of material — uncoated steel panels — and are therefore inaccurate as estimating tools on most metal roofs during damage assessment. All coatings (including Galvanizing, Galvalume,® and paint) add thickness to metal panels. Even though the differences in these thicknesses measure to the thousands of a decimal, the costs of suggesting a similar, but incorrect, replacement material can run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

By taking into consideration industry standard coating thicknesses, Haag has designed a tool that will allow you to estimate more roofs, with more accuracy. The HPMG has already garnered the attention of industry professionals who are excited to use this new product. Get yours today at!

Haag’s Roofing Expertise on Every Claim

For the last 13 years, I’ve talked to thousands of claims adjustors on the job. I am regularly reminded that Haag’s training courses, certification programs, and products have helped others assess damage with more confidence, accuracy, and efficiency.

On countless claims every year, industry professionals literally take Haag Engineering’s 91 years of forensic engineering and damage consulting experience with them into the field. They do so in the form of our popular publications and estimating tools.

Haag has produced multiple iterations of our Asphalt Composition Shingle Gauge™ over the years. The most recent of these are the “04/09” and “01/12” versions (released respectively in April 2009 and January of 2012). Both of these gauges are still used regularly in the field to help professionals determine the original warranty of composition roofing shingles. Haag Engineering’s Research/Testing Department continually monitors the industry and evaluates the Shingle Gauges™ to deliver the most accurate estimating tools possible.

Thousands of claims professionals also carry one or more of Haag’s Damage Assessment Field Guides on every claim, as an aid in deciphering the causes of damage. With their large color photographs and information captions, the books provide a resource that adjustors can show to a contractor or the insured when asserting damage assessment findings. The Field Guides are designed specifically to be used on the go. They are compact and durable, with indexed chapters to allow for quick reference at your desk or in the field.

Haag’s first Field Guide was released in 2006, featuring asphalt composition roofs, and it remains an extremely popular resource. Since then we have added four more Field Guides to our library, each featuring a different roofing type: clay and concrete tiles, wood shakes and shingles, built-up, and metal (our latest guide, released in November 2014). We hope to release our next Field Guide, focusing on modified bitumen roofs, late in 2015.

Don’t go out into the field without Haag’s expertise in your hands. For pricing on our tools or reference guides, visit and order yours today!

When you’re ready to take your knowledge level and credibility to the next level, get Haag Certified. Visit for more details on our industry-leading certification programs.