Increase your claim recovery values for salvage goods in a fraction of the time it takes with a typical process.

Insurance companies don’t have to settle for local bids or leave the salvage with the insured for pennies on the dollar. Connect with SalvageSale and auction your damaged equipment and cargo online to receive significantly higher recoveries. Salvage buyers willing to pay top dollar for damaged goods are readily accessible via SalvageSale’s online auction marketplace.

Proven practices

By working with SalvageSale, you and your insured receive consistent processes and best practices to mitigate loss on salvage claims by maximizing recoveries. This includes proven solutions for situations where control of damaged goods and brands and labels are involved. SalvageSale works with your insured, adjusters, surveyors, and insurance companies around the world to assist with all types of salvage, streamlining the overall salvage process and dramatically improving recoveries.

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