Motorists with pesky animals feature prominently in U.K. home and auto insurer Admiral’s recently released list of its most bizarre claims from the last two years.

“We asked our claims handlers to tell us about any unusual claims they had dealt with that really stood out for them and found that animals feature in the most memorable ones,” says Dave Halliday, managing director at Admiral. “From territorial peacocks, creepy crawlies and cute puppies, it seems it’s not just other road users motorists should be aware of.”

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A leather interior is often included in luxury packages and is coveted by car owners. However, the driver of one vehicle wasn’t the only one who loved its leather interior—so did a nest of mice that managed to destroy the stylish inside.

Similarly, another vehicle was damaged by rats that entered the engine compartment of the car and chewed through internal parts.

It isn’t uncommon for dog owners to take their friends for a car ride, but having man’s best friend along for the ride wasn’t such a good idea for two motorists. One filed a claim after colliding with a bollard after the front passenger pulled up the handbrake, mistaking it for the puppy that had jumped down from their lap. Another customer crashed his car when he leaned over to pet his dog.

One driver crashed into a telephone pole while trying to swat a fly inside the vehicle. Another motorist caused a multi-car crash after being startled by a spider dangling from the rear view mirror.

Sometimes outside animals can cause accidents as well. One driver was distracted by a camel and an elephant tethered at the side of the road, causing him to collide with a post.

Beware of peacocks! One driver’s car was clawed after a peacock saw its reflection in the paintwork. Another car was damaged by a flock of peacocks that had escaped from a neighbor’s garden.

One car was damaged at a village festival when a miniature pony broke loose and climbed over the hood of the vehicle.