Weather Central, a provider of enterprise weather solutions and forecasting, announced an agreement with Progressive Insurance that will leverage the company’s Live:Wire HailZone data and radar analytics to provide advanced warning of severe hailstorms to drivers who sign up at the Progressive Website.

With this service, consumers will be able to personalize locations of interest—such as a home, office or school—and receive automatic alerts via text message up to 30 minutes before hailstorms, high winds, or other severe weather hits their area, giving motorists the time to get themselves and their property to safety. The service also delivers National Weather Service watches and warnings.

“Weather Central’s weather data has nearly unlimited applications, and we are pleased to be leading the charge with Progressive in order to bring our technology to bear for the insurance industry,” says Steve Smedberg, senior vice president, enterprise, Weather Central. “Severe hail damage costs policyholders and insurers over $1 billion in damages every year. We set out to provide Progressive with life- and money-saving information that comes right to consumers when they need it most.”

Progressive Severe Weather Alerts are powered by Weather Central’s Live:Wire Alerts platform and trusted HailZone data that is precise to an industry-leading 1km-wide area. Precise warning zone alerting assures that only policyholders in the path of the storm will receive alerts, greatly reducing false alarms associated with county-based warnings.