Taken to Heart
Mr. Brownlee’s characterization of what the adjusting profession should be as described in his last four paragraphs should be taken to heart by all adjusters — and other businesses, for that matter ["Nine Geezers and a Pendulum," July 2010].

By emphasizing value/benefits that far exceed our “expense,” our efforts “to see beyond the claim” have been key to producing annual business increases, including 2010 to date. Much of this business has come by way of word of mouth as our results have spread among insurance carriers.

I want to thank Mr. Brownlee for putting adjusters on notice that paper shuffling is not the end product, just the means to help get to the end. Claims should also be commended for addressing this and other timely issues.

–William Anderson, Rail Services Incorporated

A Call Received
I just finished reading Barrett Evans’ article ["A Call to ARM," August 2010] and feel compelled to drop a note to say thanks. I concur with the assessment regarding the greatest reluctance in one taking on the ARM designation: Fear.

While this may apply to many insurance courses, the ARM regimen is greatly misunderstood. I have found the knowledge gained in ARM more applicable to many of my day-to-day dealings than some of the other courses I have taken. The challenge is to convince others that the content is important. It is a lot of material but much can be gained by putting in the effort to learn.

I have been instructing the ARM series the last six years through our local CPCU chapter, and without a doubt, those who complete the course have appreciated the knowledge gained. My message to those who have participated in the course is to let others know. My class has been comprised of corporate safety and HR managers, claim folks, risk control representatives, underwriters, and agents/brokers. What a variety! This further supports the notion that ARM is far more than a specialized career track.

Thanks again for publishing the article. It is appreciated. Hopefully it will stir some interest in those that may not have thought about pursuing the ARM designation.

–Tim Cook, CPCU, ARM, Senior Underwriting Executive, PMA Companies