Tech Decisions and Novarica are now accepting entries for the 2011 RAVE Awards. These awards recognize outstanding Software and IT Service providers based on feedback from their customers.

Users of the software or IT service must complete a Novarica ACE (Average Customer Experience) ranking survey by Dec. 15, for their vendor to be eligible for a RAVE Award. Winners will be announced in the May 2011 issue of Tech Decisions.

The RAVE Awards were instituted in 2010.

“Using the Novarica ACE Rankings as the basis for the RAVE Awards means that these are the only vendor awards based on the thing that matters most–client experience,” says Matthew Josefowicz, director of Novarica and lead researcher for the ACE Ranking Program.

The Novarica ACE Ranking survey asks users of the software or IT service to rank his or her experience with the vendor and solution against various positive statements about customer experience. These 35 rankings are grouped into Novarica’s four SOFT areas (staff, organization, functionality, and technology) as well as an additional area for overall customer satisfaction, which is double-weighted in the average that creates the top-line score. While references remain anonymous, each one is validated directly by Novarica, ensuring that only real customers provide the rankings.

“We are excited to partner with Novarica for the second year of the RAVE Awards,” says James Daggett, publisher of Tech Decisions. “By asking current clients about their experience our readers can better decide what software or IT service provider is right for their company. Technology features and functions are important but the critical question insurance executives want answered is how the product can help create value for their business. This is exactly what the RAVE Awards provide–an unedited view from the current clients.”