OMG announced that ACORD will be participating in a Model Driven Message Interoperability (MDMI) labs project to validate the applicability of MDMI as an open standards way of expressing mappings created using the ACORD Framework.

MDMI Labs is a research and development project lab under the MDMI Consortium.

The consortium is focused on providing proof of MDMI business value in the form of a successful prototype and in use cases in insurance. MDMI Labs continues the work of vetting the MDMI standard, providing further proofs of concept for new use cases beyond the ones already proven in 2009.

MDMI Labs conducts pre-competitive shared research and development projects applicable to a broad range of industries. For more information on MDMI Labs, please visit

“The OMG’s MDMI enhances the ACORD Framework by providing a practical standard for addressing the inevitable message co-existence and message interoperability problem for the insurance industry on a world-wide basis,” says Frank Neugebauer, CTO of ACORD. “We clearly understand the value that standards bring to our community. Having an approved standard that has gone through the rigorous process of OMG gives us the potential to provide an open way to exchange mappings.”

“OMG has a long history of bringing together the best in service modeling with domain experts in many industry sectors; ACORD is the acknowledged leader across the insurance world and we are proud to work together with ACORD to develop and deliver open standards to benefit the entire community,” says Richard Mark Soley, chairman and CEO, OMG. “Our Model Driven Message Interoperability (MDMI) standard delivers a consistent way to address the problem of message co-existence and interoperability, and is already in use in other vertical markets; by shifting from proprietary mappings to standard, machine-readable maps, ACORD and OMG together will deliver significant cost savings and agility to the insurance industry.”

(To learn more about what ACORD is doing with OMG, click on the 2010 ACORD member directory.)