ACORD announced that proof of concept (POC) activities are underway to validate the technical aspects of the ACORD Framework and are expected to be completed this summer.
Over the past few years, much work has been done on the development of the ACORD Framework and all of its facets. This POC will continue to validate the activities already accomplished by the membership and increase the value to the insurance industry.
The focus of this POC is on how mappings are created and rendered to provide a more consumable output for use by insurers. In order to validate such output, ACORD is investigating the use of the Object Management Group’s (OMG) model drive message interoperability (MDMI) standard with software vendors such as Microsoft, TIBCO, Informatica, and Progress Software.
Companies will be inputting information using the ACORD 125 (Commercial Insurance Application – Applicant Information Section) and 140 (Property Section) eForms. The data then goes through the semantic layer of the ACORD Information Model and is then used in an RLC Placing XML message.
“The OMG, Microsoft, Informatica, TIBCO, and Progress Software each bring important skills and elements to the POC,” says Frank Neugebauer, chief technical officer for ACORD. “We need to be sure that what we create can be consumed by the industry and we’re starting with some of the vendor community. These companies are helping ACORD, and the industry, improve how ACORD delivers standards and we appreciate their work and support.”